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Charlotte County Wind Mitigation Home Inspections

Every year they tell us here in southwest Florida that this might be a bad one for hurricanes. The truth is, we just don’t know when a bad year will happen. Even a mild hurricane season can be really bad for some people.

And if you’ve lived in southwest Florida for a while, then you’ve probably lived through at least a couple scary seasons.

Charlotte County has suffered a number of terrible hurricane disasters in the past 20 years. And in 2022, as always, we hope for the best and prepare for the worst. And that preparation includes Charlotte County wind mitigation home inspections.

Charlotte Wind Preparation

Even if you have nothing to do with southwest Florida’s record-setting housing market, a Charlotte County home inspection should be among your first steps in preparing for the 2022 hurricane season.

As a certified home inspector as well as a Florida resident for more than three decades, wind mitigation is among my specialties. I can inspect your home’s wind mitigation conditions and let you know about design shortcomings and emerging issues. For Charlotte homeowners who plan on living here for years to come, wind mitigation will always be an issue.

When you live in a home, you want to feel safe. That means going into hurricane season with a clear understanding of your home’s stability. You want to know about potential problems before a hurricane comes. A home inspection can let you know, without bias, what you need to take care of.

Wind Mitigation Discounts for Charlotte Homeowners

Safety is paramount, of course, but wouldn’t you like to save money, too?

A Florida law requires insurance companies to offer discounts to homeowners who have wind-mitigation measures in place. So not only will you save money on repairs, you’ll also save money whether or not we endure a hurricane.

Wind Mitigation Inspections for Charlotte Real Estate Transactions

As with all home inspections, wind mitigation inspections can greatly aid the efficiency and fairness of a real estate transaction. Never has this been more important—for buyers and sellers alike—than in our current real estate market. A professional wind mitigation home inspection helps to ensure that the transaction goes through at a fair market price.

Ultimately, wind mitigation is an essential southwest Florida service. We have already experienced gale-force winds in the area this year, and we’re barely into March. As we prepare for yet another hurricane season, I urge homeowners to look into a Charlotte County wind mitigation home inspection. It can provide you with the awareness you need to provide added structural stability, discounted insurance premiums, and, perhaps most importantly, peace of mind.

Read more about wind mitigation inspections here.

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Glen Leach

I am a state certified and Licensed Home Inspector in the state of Florida. I am also a Certified ASHI Inspector which is a leader in the Home Inspection industry.

As someone who was born and raised in Sarasota County, I pride myself in knowing the needs of our area.